For more than 50 years Bose Corporation has been creating innovative audio products for home, business and personal use. With a focus on developing new technologies and creating products and experiences which genuinely benefit people, the
company is ranked first in the world for home theatre system sales and third for portable audio (as at 2012). Now that’s big!
From “tiny speakers that sound genuinely big”, the classic form of the Wave Soundtouch benchtop system or best in class noise cancelling headphones, the Bose approach is driven by a focused commitment to research and customer enjoyment.
It all started in 1968 when the 901 speaker revolutionised the audio industry and changed the way people listen to music at home. The 901 had an extraordinary ability to deliver the emotional impact of a live concert. This was followed in 1975 with the 301 Direct/Reflecting speaker which went on to become the world’s best selling speakers for years to follow.
The company went on to develop the Lifestyle audio systems, tabletop and wireless music systems, ultra-compact Bluetooth speakers and an extensive range of headphones, earphones and headsets. Today it is considered to be one of the most innovative brands in home entertainment.

Why shop with us?

Established in Melbourne as Australia’s first dedicated and privately-owned Bose store, we have strong roots in the brand.  Our friendly and experienced staff are fully equipped to serve you…from wireless earphones, gym headsets, soundbars, large scale multi-room entertainment, theatre systems, commercial audio, service/upgrade of older generation systems or even the quick replacement of cushions on a much-used travel headphone … Sight and Sound Galleria has you covered!

Bose Headphones

From sleep-buds to wireless noise-cancelling headphones you will find Bose headphones for just about every personal audio application, including over-ear, around-ear, in-ear, aviation headsets, sports, gym and even wearable speakers. We suggest you try the Soundlink “around-ear” Bluetooth Headphone. You won’t believe your ears…crisp, detailed and clear sound, free of distortion and colouration. It offers great comfort and ease of use.

Bose Speakers

Famous for delivering big sound from small boxes, Bose speakers are among the best in the market. For example, the Soundlink Revolve Plus is a portable cylindrical-shaped Bluetooth speaker which delivers high fidelity, 360-degree sound capable of filling any room in your home. Wherever you place the speaker in a room you will experience solid, undistorted bass, a natural and uncoloured midrange and crisp, clear highs.
Other products we recommend you audition include the LS600 and flagship LS650 Family Room Entertainment Systems. These are complete sound systems for all your music, TV and movies. Connect multiple sources such as Blue-ray, Foxtel etc and stream music and radio with APP.

Experience the Difference

So if you live in Melbourne we warmly invite you to give your ears a treat. Grab your favourite music and call in for a demonstration today!