Cabasse is a French audio manufacturer founded by Georges Cabasse in 1950. It is mainly known for its home loudspeakers but has also produced professional audio speakers for studio recording or sound reinforcement in theatres and power amplifiers.

Cabasse is one of the oldest loudspeaker manufacturers in France and is known for its involvement in research and high quality production standards.

In the eighties, Cabasse built a strong reputation in the professional, active speaker market (often used by recording studios) and the patented, honeycomb membranes that allowed high power with low distortion. These membranes were used by the very small Galiote (home hi-fi) and the huge Saturn, a subwoofer for theatres, fitted with a 22 inch drive unit. Courtesy of high dynamics, efficiency and low distortion, the speakers immediately drew astounding comparisons between live sound and HI-FI playback.

In the nineties, Cabasse started to work on coaxial units in order to reduce directivity through spherical wavefront. This is the company’s renowned Spatially Coherent System principle. It was implemented through the TC21, a 3-way coaxial unit whose bandwidth goes from 200 Hz to 20 kHz with a 30° off-axis response very close to the on-axis response.

At the beginning of 2006, Cabasse unveiled a high-end 4-way unit and presented the theoric approach in a paper at the Audio Engineering Society. This system, released in 2007, is called La Sphère and consists of two spheric coaxial speakers, a filter and four power amplifiers.