Designed and manufactured in Huntingdon, United Kingdom since 1985, Cyrus audio products continue to express outstanding fidelity and refinement. With a fierce dedication to research, development and attention to detail, Cyrus engineers remain committed to delivering the emotion and exhilaration of fine music…and the self-imposed constraint of a small footprint!

The sound is unique…a broad sound-stage, tight bass, detailed midrange and extended highs that convey a sense of engagement and connection with the music. The engineers strive to create a completely transparent window to the performance, allowing listeners to experience music in its purest form. We believe they succeeded in that lofty ambition admirably.

We just love the “feel” and “sound” of these “real-world” hi-fi products from one of the industry’s most respected and iconic brands. Have a listen, and like us, you will fall in the love with that connection to the music. You will soon realise the difference…and it will stay with you forever.

If massive hi-fi equipment that fills your listening room is your thing, then Cyrus products may not be for you. But if you are a music lover who prefers the pure sound to fill the room…you owe it to yourself to sample these fine British-built products.


If musical fidelity is your priority we recommend you consider the ONE HD integrated amplifier. Rated at 100W per channel into 6 ohms this Class D two-channel amp delivers superior sound and the latest in digital connectivity. Features include a MM (Moving Magnet) Phono Stage (to play your favourite vinyl records), Bluetooth compatibility, Class AB headphone amp with a 6.35mm jack, speaker impedance detection (SID matches the amp’s output response to the loudspeakers in use) and whatever digital or analogue source you want to aim at it e.g. your TV, games console, USB drive, CD player, PC etc.

Other Cyrus amplifiers and systems you might like to review include the X Power 2 channel power amp, which features an oversized power supply for improved dynamic response, and the Lyric “one box” Integrated Audio System.

If you love listening to fine music in its purest form we invite you to call into our Melbourne showroom Sight & Sound Galleria and experience the best in British hi-fi.