Elipson is an iconic French designer and manufacturer of high-end audio products including turntables, speakers and music centres. Established in 1938 (when it was known as Multimoteur) and with a history inextricably linked to its managing director Joseph Leon, who had a passion for audio, the company quickly became renowned for its ability to deliver precise, quality sound across large spaces.

In fact, the inauguration speech of General de Gaulle at the Maison de laRadio was delivered using BS50 speakers. This model loudspeaker was introduced to the public in 1953 and the Elipson story of avant-garde aesthetics and audio integrity took full flight.

With an elliptical design and an upwards-facing driver pointing to an acoustic reflector, the BS50 made quite an impact for the time. In the late 60s, the BS40/2 spherical loudspeaker was introduced and with continued development evolved into the aptly-named “Planet” range of speakers.

Elipson Audio

The company is considered to be the oldest French brand specialising in the manufacture of high-end loudspeakers. The current Elipson audio range underlines the company’s on-going commitment to think outside the “hi-fi” box in search of new horizons. The products exude an understated cool and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Elipson Turntables

Can’t part with your vinyl record collection? We hear you. Despite living in the digital age there are still many audiophiles who appreciate the warmth, charm and musicality that vinyl provides. The current range of turntables delivers faithful analogue reproduction, useful features and is great value for money.

If you’re considering purchasing an Elipson turntable we recommend you audition the Alpha 100 series, which includes the base 100, RIAA and BT. They feature a minimalist design, beautiful curves and great sound quality. The RIAA BT offers a built-in phono stage which allows you to connect it to any amplifier, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB output. It also includes a carbon tonearm fitted with an Ortofon cartridge – everything you need to enjoy your record collection right out of the box.

Other models worth a listen to include the Omega 100 series (100, RIAA, RIAA BT and Carbon Black). They deliver detailed, balanced sound and are very well built.

Elipson Music Centres

If you’re after a wireless CD/Bluetooth receiver that you can connect to your smartphone, tablet or PC the Music Centre BT is well worth auditioning.

Discover the French passion for music

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