Based in Kronach, Germany, Loewe invented the television as we know it in 1923.

Since those early beginnings, Loewe has continued to innovate and improve its products through a process of rigorous R&D and exemplary design and manufacturing values. And a string of world firsts…Having played an instrumental role in the world’s first ever public television broadcast, Loewe released its first high volume mass produced television in 1951 – just in time to screen Germany’s World Cup victory in 1954!

In 1967, Loewe “livened” the world with the first available colour television…and not long after, added immersive, stereo sound. The first Loewe flat-panel televisions arrived on the market in 1998.
Today Loewe builds LCD, LED & OLED TV’s, racks, sound bars, multimedia and wireless speaker systems for the home theatre and hi-fi markets. Most Loewe models are still designed and manufactured in Kronach, Germany. All Loewe products are built for long-life and embody the highest standards of performance, energy efficiency and sustainability through modular technology, quality materials, exact workmanship, frequent software updates, elegant shapes and enduring, award-winning design.

Why choose a Loewe TV? Loewe has a long history of producing innovative, technically advanced and high-quality products for the home. In 1997 Loewe created the first TV with internet access and in 2010 it released an LCD TV with LED background lighting and new technologies such as HbbTV, DR+Streaming, CE-HTML and MediaText. Multi-room functionality was another significant development with features such as “Follow-Me” which allowed the user to start watching a movie in one room and finish in another.

The Loewe TV range commences with the Bild 1 LCD/LED series. These are available in 32, 40, 55, and 65-inch sizes and are perfect for small to medium spaces. The larger models feature Ultra-High Definition (4k).
The Bild 3 range is available in 55 and 65 inch and features Ultra-HD OLED technology and a built-in soundbar, while the 65″ Bild 5 offers Klang wireless speaker compatibility for exceptional sound performance.
However, for the ultimate in TV and hi-fi performance, we recommend you consider the Bild 7 range. Available in sizes up to a massive 77″ we believe these panels are the best in the business. Features include patented “Vanta Vision” nano-technology, a built-in 2 x 60 Watt Loewe sound-bar with Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding and an internal hard-drive for recording TV programs.

To get the best from your Loewe TV we recommend you audition the Klang wireless speaker system. Offering HI-FI quality playback for your music and movie collection, it is the perfect companion to a compatible Bild TV. It features 2 x 135 Watt RMS active (powered) speakers and 5.8gHz lossless connectivity.
And for the ultimate surround-sound wireless speaker system you should visit our Melbourne showroom for a demonstration of the impressive Klang 5.1. It features 5 speaker towers plus a subwoofer in an easy-to-operate, solidly-built package. We love the rich, detailed and dynamic performance. Combined with faultless visuals from the Bild TV you will appreciate a totally immersive A/V experience.

At Sight and Sound Galleria we deliberately range products that merge performance and style. Loewe TV’s state clearly that carefully considered technology and performance should be inseparable from beautiful physical form!
Experience the best in German TV and home entertainment.
Call into our Melbourne showroom to audition the exceptional and innovative Loewe TV and audio range. We promise a feast for your eyes and ears!

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