M&K Sound are the inventors of the active subwoofer! And M&K remain the only speaker company to focus exclusively on matched, subwoofer and satellite systems. It’s a design formula proven over time as the optimum configuration to deliver high impact TV and movie soundtracks and music with realism. From the affordable V-Series through to the mighty X-12, you can be certain that an M&K Sound subwoofer will deliver all of the subtle nuances and bottom-end impact that artists and producers intended for you to experience.

  • M&K Sound C15S In-Wall 15″ Subwoofer + VA500 Power Amplifier

  • M&K Sound IW28S In-Wall Subwoofer

  • M&K Sound V10 Compact Powered Subwoofer

    $1,249.00 Sale!
  • M&K Sound V10+ Subwoofer

  • M&K Sound V12+ Subwoofer

  • M&K Sound V15+ Subwoofer

  • M&K Sound V12 Compact Subwoofer Black

    $1,695.00 Sale!
  • M&K Sound X10 Dual Powered THX UltraII Subwoofer 1 only

    $2,999.00 Sale!
  • M&K Sound X12 Dual Powered THX UltraII Subwoofer 2 display only!

    $3,999.00 Sale!
  • M&K Sound VA500 Subwoofer Amplifier