The town of Vienna has long been an inspiration to artists. No other city can lay claim to being the birthplace of western classical music. Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schonberg…the list goes on. Today, Vienna remains the “City of Music”…jazz, contemporary dance and of course, classical. As lovers of all forms of music, it’s our great joy to represent the wonderful Viennese loudspeaker manufacturer Vienna Acoustics. (Next best thing to being there!)

The Vienna Classical Connection

Inspired by the sonic delights of local live performances from the world’s great orchestras and artists, the Vienna team takes a no-compromise approach to speaker design. At Sight and Sound, Vienna Acoustics stands apart for smooth texture…a warm and yet detailed expression in the critical low-mid-range, perhaps most appreciated in string music.  European Craftsmanship
and the cabinets are exquisite.  Vienna Acoustics appreciate that these speakers will be a permanent fixture in your home. While the materials and form are chosen firstly for sonic performance, each is hand-finished to perfection. In beautiful Vienna.

We invite you to visit and enjoy a speaker built for the discerning listener who is at once critical and enthusiastic!