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Based in Saint-Etienne France, Focal has been creating state-of-the-art audio equipment since 1979.
The company is a renowned player in various high fidelity markets including home audio, theatre, automotive and professional studio monitoring.


Focal has exerted significant influence over the global acoustics market through the pioneering of key technologies and materials including Polyglass, Kevlar, aluminium/magnesium tweeters, beryllium tweeters, the M-shaped inverted dome tweeter, the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) and Infinite Horn Loading.


Introduced in 1995 and updated in 2002, the Focal Grande Utopia EM loudspeaker made the audiophile community sit up and take notice. Standing over 2 metres tall and weighing 260 kg these behemoths demanded to be taken seriously. This model was followed by the EM Evo and Stella Utopia EM Evo which showcased the very latest in audio technology. Today the Grand Utopia 3 Evo sits at the pinnacle of the range and is chosen by audiophiles who reject any form of compromise. Unique features of this iconic model include NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) and TMD suspension.
In recent years the company has expanded on its range of audiophile bookshelf and floor-standing models with an impressive selection of “almost-invisible” in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. And Focal continues to perform strongly in the professional market with its renowned studio monitors and reference headphones.


The sound signature is superbly balanced and neutral, displaying the precision and definition expected of a French audio engineering company with a serious legacy in the world’s finest recording studios. The critical midrange and high-frequency performance expresses excellent detail and resolution without ever turning harsh or clinical. Bass notes are full and controlled. Ultimately, the Focal sonic approach is wonderfully versatile and immediately accessible to a wide range of listeners and rooms.


At Sight & Sound our respect for Focal speakers is reflected in the wide range of models available for demonstration in our open-plan showroom and a number of dedicated listening spaces. Extending from affordable CHORA and ARIA models through to KANTA, SOPRA and the wonderful DIABLO UTOPIA, many of our Focal speakers are purposefully paired with a recommended Naim Audio amplifier option. The soon to be retired ELECTRA 1008 offers an excellent opportunity to own a highly regarded Focal speaker at an attractive price-point. And the EASYA, active floor-standing speakers a perfect introduction to post-modern HI-FI, without the need for a stack of bulky components.
All Focal models deliver exceptional sound quality and are designed and built in France to the highest standards.
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