Audio Pro

Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, this innovative Scandinavian company is known for building speakers which deliver the best sound at the best price. With that goal, they want high-quality sound at home to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Here at Sight and Sound Galleria, we believe that this objective sits perfectly with our own philosophy of delivering unbeatable audio-visual performance and value.
Founded in 1978 the company is known for producing some of the best active, wireless speakers on the market. With dealers in 45 countries around the world, the company is most noted for its impressive range of wireless and portable speakers.


If you’re in the market for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi loudspeakers Audio Pro multi-room active speakers are well worth taking the time to audition.  The popular Addon range includes the C3, C5A, D1 and the awesome “Drumfire” multi-room speaker systems. With the Drumfire you won’t just hear the music…you will feel it! But even at low listening levels the Drumfire delivers a detailed sound and brings music to life.

If you don’t have a huge listening space the A10 is ideal for smaller areas. With a soft, rounded design it’s a smart choice for the smaller room and blends nicely with modern interior design while delivering amazing sound.  Several models have received awards in the What Hi-Fi wireless speaker category. When you listen and compare the Addon range to similar products in the marketplace it’s easy to understand why.


With great dynamics and detailed sound, these loudspeakers make the perfect solution for multi-room setups. The “Addon” range is just that…they can be added on to existing units rather than replacing them. You can also stream music to your existing Hi-Fi with the Link 1 multi-room adaptor.


Bring your records back to life. If your vinyl or CD collection is gathering dust, simply connect your turntable or CD player to any Audio Pro speaker and stream the music wirelessly around your home.


Is your system lacking low-end punch? A subwoofer will let you hear what you have been missing. Despite its small size, the Addon C-Sub powered subwoofer delivers solid, detailed and clean bass. It will simply transform your existing setup and provide an enhanced listening experience.

Hear the Audio Pro difference at Sight and Sound!

This innovative range of products is well worth an audition. Call into our showroom and discover honest and authentic sound in unmistakable Scandinavian form. You won’t be disappointed!