Focal Chora Speakers.

Focal has designed the Chora range to make High-Fidelity accessible to as many people as possible. These loudspeakers bring Focal technology to all music lovers who crave a quality sound and appreciate sleek, on-trend design. They are guaranteed to offer the best performance and aesthetics in this price category. At Sight and Sound we have the best price guaranteed in Australia. Come and hear for yourself at our Melbourne location.

Until the end of October…simply send us a photo of your “trade-in” speakers and receive a 20% DISCOUNT off the entire Chora range…now that’s simple.

  • Focal Chora Centre Black

  • Focal Chora Centre Dark Wood

  • Focal Chora Centre Light Wood

  • Focal Sub 600 P Black


    Focal Chora Centre Stand

  • Focal Chora Surround Black

  • Focal Chora Black Speakers

    Focal Chora 806 Black Speaker

  • Focal Chora 806 Dark Wood

    $1,080.00 Sale!
  • Focal Chora 806 Dark Wood with Chora Stands

    $1,350.00 Sale!
  • Focal Chora 806 Light Wood Speaker

  • Focal Chora 806 Stands

  • Focal Chora 816 Black