Based in Saint-Etienne France, Focal has been creating state-of-the-art audio equipment since 1979.

The company is a renowned player in various high fidelity markets including home audio, theatre, automotive and professional studio monitoring.

The brand has exerted significant influence over the global acoustics market through the pioneering of key technologies and materials including Polyglass, Kevlar, aluminium/magnesium tweeters, beryllium tweeters, the M-shaped inverted dome tweeter, the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) and Infinite Horn Loading.

Introduced in 1995 and updated in 2002, the Grande Utopia EM loudspeaker made the audiophile community sit up and take notice. Standing over 2 metres tall and weighing 260 kg these behemoths demanded to be taken seriously. This model was followed by the EM Evo and Stella Utopia EM Evo which showcased the very latest in audio technology. Today the Grand Utopia 3 Evo sits at the pinnacle of the range and is chosen by audiophiles who reject any form of compromise. Unique features of this iconic model include NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) and TMD suspension.

In recent years the company turned its attention to wireless technology, plug and play components, car audio, headphones, home cinema and “invisible” sound systems including in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. As well as the domestic range of products a professional division offers studio monitors and pro headphones.

The sound signature is superbly balanced and neutral, displaying the precision and definition expected of a French audio engineering company with a serious legacy in the world’s finest recording studios. And ask us about the synergy between Focal and another of our valued brand partners Naim Audio. It’s an alliance built around complimentary activities and shared values that result in a perfect partnership of speaker and amplification.

Focal Speakers

Many audiophiles consider Focal speakers to be some of the best on the market. Here at Sight and Sound we recommend you audition the Eaysa Active/Bluetooth speakers. These wireless, floor-standing speakers deliver high-fidelity sound without the need for a separate amplifier. Powered by built-in amps that deliver 85 Watts RMS per cabinet these beauties feature lossless, digital connectivity and are suitable of all types of music in multiple locations around the home.

Other models worth a listen to include the Aria 906, Chorus 605 and Electra 1008 bookshelf speakers. All models deliver exceptional sound quality and are designed and built in France to the highest standards.

Focal Headphones

We also recommend you try out the range of Focal headphones we have available in our Melbourne showroom. Whether you prefer in-ear or on-ear designs you’ll discover that Focal headphones provide an exceptional listening experience. In particular, the Utopia Open Backed Circum Aural reflect 35 years of innovation and development.

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