Power Amplifiers.

Simply put, Anthem Power Amplifiers increase (i.e. amplifies) the power of audio signals to levels suitable for driving speakers! Modern Power Amplifiers are typically engineered in 2 channels for stereo systems and 3 or 5 channels to configure multichannel home theatre systems.
An Anthem AV Power Amplifier will deliver breath-taking sonic dynamics and resolution.
Matched with an award-winning Anthem AV Processor, an Anthem Power Amplifier
set is fully credentialed to anchor your high-end home theatre.

Browse and purchase the full range of high-end Anthem Power Amplifiers and AV Processor/Amplifier bundles in-store and online at Sight and Sound Galleria Camberwell.

  • Anthem MCA 225 Gen2 2 Ch Power Amplifier

  • Anthem MCA 325 Gen2 3 Ch Power Amplifier

  • Anthem MCA 525 Gen2 5 Ch Power Amplifier