Anthem is an award-winning Canadian manufacturer of high-end audio/video components for music, home theatre and distributed audio. Anthem’s reputation in analogue and digital design is legendary, reflected in consistent acclaim across the music and home entertainment industries. The product line-up continues to set new standards of performance regardless of price. At Sight+Sound we love the realism of Anthem. The Anthem difference is fundamental to many of our most satisfying home theatre and multi-room music installations.

The acoustic performance of your room is critical to sound quality. Room characteristics invariably add or subtract elements of speaker performance and diminish your investment! Anthem Room Correction is a sophisticated software-based DSP that first analyses the acoustic properties of the space and then applies algorithms to reduce unwanted resonance and colouration. The “corrected” audio can also be customized to personal preference. As players in the commercial audio space, we are thoroughly impressed by ARC. It rivals many platforms used in pro-audio and is simply the best domestic room correction package we’ve seen and heard!