Sonos Architectural Products.

Sonos Architectural products include the impressive Sonos AMP and a range of passive speaker options to deliver high quality background music and TV audio across the home. The Sonos AMPs (one required per zone) can be hidden out of sight, or rack-mounted in a “COMMS” space together with other services such as network and security. Speakers can be specified to accurately meet the listening and interior design brief. And the end result is a system that’s both “easy-to-use” and “easy-on-the-eye”.
Building or Renovating?
It’s best to meet with us at an early stage if building or renovating. Sonos Architectural product solutions require attention to speaker and network wiring. These works are relatively inexpensive if planned and completed prior to plastering.
Updating an Existing Multi-Room System?
Visit us with details of your existing hardware or call to arrange a no-obligation on-site meeting with one of our Sonos consultants. Sonos Architectural components are generally well-suited to integration with existing wiring and speaker products and provide an excellent pathway for upgrade.
The Sonos and Sonance Partnership
Sonos has partnered with renowned speaker manufacturer Sonance to create an in-ceiling, in-wall and external speaker range that forms the basis of the Architectural category. The speakers are noted for excellent musicality, sleek finish and reliability. And the Sonos AMP includes on-board intelligence to ensure perfect synergy between speaker and amplifier.

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  • Sonos Port

    Sonos PORT

    $680.00 Sale!
  • Sonos AMP system

    Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers and Amp System

    $1,890.00 Sale!
  • Sonos IN-WALL Speakers and AMP System

    $1,890.00 Sale!
  • Sonos OUTDOOR Speakers and AMP System

    $2,190.00 Sale!
  • Sonos Port

    Sonos AMP

    $990.00 Sale!
  • Sonos IN-WALL Speakers

  • Sonos Outdoor Speakers Black

    Sonos OUTDOOR Speakers (Black)

  • Sonos OUTDOOR Speakers (White)

  • Sonos In-Ceiling Speaker Pair (8 Inch)

  • Sonos IN-CEILING Speakers

  • Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers and Amp System (8 Inch)

    $2,500.00 Sale!
  • Sonos Architectural HOME THEATRE System

    $5,190.00 Sale!