Serie T/x.

The REL Serie T/x subwoofer range delivers bass with speed, transparency, power and impact.

Bigger and Better

Enjoy your entertainment on a grander scale with the T/x collection. Experience a robust full range of sound while maintaining premium-grade quality in the latest REL Serie T/x models. Without sacrifices, the performance is strong and the sonic balance optimal.

Filtered for Purity

Redesigned for the best, REL’s new T/x collection delivers cutting edge specifications for any setting. Live in the moment with faster and more reactive drivers than previous generations delivering you silky smooth sound.

Designed for Elegance

REL’s latest generation is stunningly simple, and with the T/x series you can have it all perfectly fit into any décor. The streamlined cube offers sleek angles and compact size, providing you with the greatest versatility of placement.

Explore the full range of award-winning REL T/x subwoofers at Sight and Sound Galleria Camberwell. Purchase in-store or online today.

  • REL Serie T/5x Gloss Black

  • REL Serie T/5x Gloss White

  • REL Serie T/7x Gloss Black

  • REL Serie T/7x Gloss White

  • REL Serie T/9x Gloss Black

  • REL Serie T/9x Gloss White

  • REL Serie Tzero MKIII

    REL Serie Tzero MKIII Gloss White

  • REL Series T/5i Subwoofer

    REL Series Tzero MKIII Gloss Black