With a vast cinematic heritage, Sony is a “giant” of professional and home entertainment vision technologies. Sony released the world’s first commercial 4K digital projector in 2005 and has since dominated the cinema market.
A consistent stream of cutting-edge patents including the Silicon X-tal Reflective Panel have ensured cinemas wanting to screen the highest possible picture quality invariably choose Sony.
And through its domestic range, Sony makes these same technologies available in the home…

As a dedicated Sony Master Series dealer, we supply and install Sony projectors for very good reason.
Sony HD projectors offer a value-packed introduction to true Home Cinema. A choice of black/white finish and excellent adjustment make for simple and flexible installation.
And Sony 4K is the perfect choice for the discerning Home Cinema devotee.
Crisp, native 4K images offer unprecedented clarity underpinned by rich cinematic colours, smooth motion and spectacular contrast.
Premium, Laser Light Source models employ the same 4K SXRD panel technology found in Sony’s renowned professional cinema projectors!
Flexible installation, efficient operation, low-noise and clever future-proofing complete the Sony signature of excellence.

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