On January 27th. 2005, Sonos shipped its first product into stores. It was a triumphant moment for four co-founding friends who shared a love for music and a simple vision…to help music lovers like themselves play any song, in any room in their homes.
It was a simple idea that presented enormous challenges. At the time, almost none of the necessary core technologies existed.
Today we admire Sonos as one of the world’s great audio “start-ups”.


Sight and Sound Galleria is a proud Sonos Platinum Partner, acknowledged for our brand expertise and advocacy. We offer the highest quality service and advice around Sonos products with over-the-counter pricing competitive with the mass retailers. Our staff are also fully equipped to handle Sonos custom installations on any scale. We regularly design and install comprehensive multi-room systems integrating Sonos with architectural speaker products and sophisticated automation platforms such as Control4.
We invite you to visit us today and experience the full range of Sonos products in our dedicated listening room.


At Sight and Sound, Sonos is a small product range, with a big profile. As a “go-to” solution for delivering music across the home, the Sonos platform is noted for its simplicity, flexibility and reliability. Sonos’ simplicity is demonstrated in its clean lines, very few cables and easy operation. Although simple-to-use, the system is impressively open-ended, providing unrivalled access to a host of music services and storage preferences. And while much has changed with Sonos over the years, many of the core technologies remain. This causes us to be supremely confident in Sonos as a significant and reliable player in a fast-paced market-place.