Naim Audio

Based in Wiltshire UK, Naim Audio has reached the 50-year milestone of engineering excellence. This innovative British company has twice won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Export.

Founded by entrepreneur Julian Vereker in 1969, a self-taught engineer and race car driver, the venture was a direct result of Julian’s passion for music expressed through hand-crafted hi-fi products and has grown a world-wide family of advocates.

In 1973 the company was incorporated and Naim Audio launched their first power amp, the NAP 200. Rejecting the notion that amps were simply a way to motivate speakers, and that speakers were the only thing that affected the sound, the NAP 200 proved that power amps do play an important role in the overall sonic performance of a hi-fi system.

From there the company continued to gain a devoted following by building quality, high-performance hi-fi components that made music burst into life. The stated goal was a pure experience of music that was as close as possible to the original performance.

The brand’s appeal was further enhanced by making the products up-gradable and developing an after-sales support policy where any product they have ever built can be serviced by them.


The underlying philosophy behind all the products is to create a “silence around the sound” by eliminating interference, minimising interplay between circuits, using the best possible materials and sophisticated electronic design.

For the audiophile who demands the best the “Statement” series, comprising the NAC S1 preamplifier and NAP S1 mono power amp (used in pairs for a stereo system), deliver uncompromising sonic performance and sit at the pinnacle of the company’s engineering knowledge and artistry.

However, for the everyday music lover, the Mu-so wireless music system represents a much more affordable solution. Introduced in 2014 it offers multi-room versatility and a musical experience you really must hear. We recommend you try the limited edition “Gold” model. It features a total of 450 Watts of power, built-in speakers and technology developed to create the audio system for Bentley cars. If you like a “one box” music system this is for you.

For the ultimate in multi-source music, players try the UNITI Atom Streaming Amp. It features high resolution streaming, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity and amazing sound quality in a compact enclosure.


If you’re looking for top-quality wireless sound using the best Naim speakers we’ve got you covered there too. Well worth an audition is the Mu-so Qb wireless music system and Bluetooth speaker. It features bass radiators and a custom-made woofer for clean, powerful low frequencies, two microfibre dome tweeters and two mid drivers, all driven by built-in amplifiers.

Come and hear Hi-Fi from the masters of audio for Bentley vehicles.

When a Naim product is turned on at Sight and Sound it’s very easy to stop demonstrating and simply start listening. Evidence of a design approach only content when music speaks to heart, soul and mind! Call in for a demo today.