Focal Aria.

Treat yourself to true high-end acoustics: Aria’s harmonic richness is the guarantee of high-fidelity music. With its natural, sleek design, and unique flax speaker driver cones, it is a pleasure for the eyes and for the ears.

Unique Technology

Aria was the first line of loudspeakers to benefit from Flax speaker driver cones. The Flax sandwich cone works wonders on voices, making them more intelligible and giving them more relief.

Outstanding for both Stereo and Home Theatre

Aria offers a complete range of hi-fi solutions for stereo or Home Cinema set-ups. With a complete system, the soundstage is ideal, and the full immersion offers an astonishing experience.

Signature Focal Dynamics

Music lovers will be able to choose their listening style: well-balanced with the Aria 926; denser acoustics with the Aria 948; or punchier bass with the Aria 936. This range marks the return of high-fidelity which is expressive and accessible to all.

Explore the outstanding Focal Aria Collection and purchase online and in-store at Sight and Sound Galleria Camberwell.

  • Focal Aria 906 Black High Gloss

  • Focal Aria 906 Noyer

  • Focal Aria CC 900 Black High Gloss

  • Focal Aria CC 900 Noyer

  • Focal Aria K2 906

  • Focal Aria K2 CC Speakers

  • Focal Aria Sr 900 Black Matte

  • Focal Aria 926 Floor-Standing Speakers Black High Gloss

  • Focal Aria 926 Noyer

  • Focal Aria 936 Black High Gloss

  • Focal Aria 936 Noyer

  • Focal Aria K2 936