REL makes subwoofers. Nothing else. End of story!
The company’s only intention is to produce the most perfect, pure sound possible in order to capture the raw intention of the artist. REL uses the best quality materials and employs the most exacting construction requirements. And REL considers “the problem of bass” holistically.

The REL Story

From the beginning this has been a labour of love, born from a desire for a more perfect sound experience. It began with one man’s dissatisfaction with the performance of subwoofers available at the time. That search for better, that pursuit of perfect sound remains the driving force behind REL. It has persisted through changes in ownership. It has driven massive advancements in technology and design innovation. REL subwoofers literally turn loose the power, the drama and the fun that lies within great music and movies.

High Level Input

A key point of the unique story of REL is the early the adoption of a High Level connection. That is a connection deriving its input signal from the final output stage of an amplifier or receiver. This produces a seamless quality that precisely matches the sound being fed to your loudspeakers. The High Level connection principal is an essential component for musical devotees looking to extend the bass reach of a premium HI-FI system.

ABC Input Filters

The early predecessors to modern REL filter technology used complicated banks of rotary switches to set crossover points. While they were slow by modern REL standards, they were streets ahead of the competition and served the company well for almost a decade. The pursuit of the fastest, most accurate audio filters remains a fundamental goal at REL.

High Current Amplifiers

Current, not voltage, is what produces movement in large, high powered subwoofer drivers. REL engineers ensure that their designs are incredibly robust and produce copious current. This means REL subwoofers not only reproduce the attack and body of a note, but also the echoes as sound decays. All amplifiers are not the same. REL amplifiers are designed specifically to reproduce the lowest of bass notes.

The Modern REL Era

In 2005 new ownership delivered fresh ideas to REL. And a renewed emphasis on performance, reliability and design. Compared with previous products, “modern” REL subwoofers played twice as loud, were twice as fast, cost far less and looked much sharper.

The Foundations of the Current REL Range

Modern, custom input filters are the secret performance ingredient buried inside every REL subwoofer. These filters are exceptionally fast, resulting in seamless integration of the main speakers with the REL subwoofer.
All modern REL models use heavy duty bracing designed to break up cabinet resonance modes. Many competitors use little to no bracing. Those that do frequently use a simple window pane brace that creates significant turbulence and noise inside the cabinet. This turbulence eventually results in blurring of detail. On premium models, REL employs elaborate materials including laminated hardwood to guarantee robust bracing. Proper bracing disturbs unwanted cabinet resonances that act to destroy the correct pitch of instruments far outside the bass region.
In 2010, with the advent of Gibraltar, REL moved decisively to the head of the class with the Holy Grail of speed, stiffness and self-quieting in a virtually perfect bass driver. Since that debut, REL uses carbon whenever budget permits as it imparts unparalleled speed, clarity and control.
Recently, the Serie HT range was designed specifically to answer the challenge of creating affordably priced, exceptionally dynamic, pure home theatre powered subwoofers. With the ideal combination of lightweight, modern CarbonGlas™ drivers coupled to a powerful Class D amplifier that runs cool, these subwoofers produce extraordinary dynamics. The HT series accepts a simple .1/LFE output to produce extremely high output for chest rumbling home theatre special effects. And attractive price-points put these impressive subwoofers well within reach of the budget conscious, home theatre enthusiast.

REL makes a subwoofer for every application. From simple, LFE home theatre models through to the finest of High Level input subwoofers with almost zero latency. Every detail is thoroughly considered.

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    REL Classic 98 Subwoofer

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