Devialet is a French acoustic engineering company known for innovation and excellence in audio, Hi-Fi and music reproduction since 2007. The name is derived from the engineer, scientist and intellectual Guillaume Vialet and companion Diderot. The company holds 107 patents and dedicates itself to research and progress in sound science.

Key to its development in 2015 was the patenting of the world’s first hybrid amplifier technology “Analogue Digital Hybrid”, an invention that would forever change high-end amplifiers. ADH intelligence combines the elegance of Class A analogue with the power of Class D digital in a small footprint. The result is an AMP which delivers clear, transparent and detailed sound whatever the listening level.

Devialet Speakers

In 2015 Devialet challenged our expectations for plug and play wireless speakers. The Phantom was unleashed! A whole new species of product that literally obliterated all existing active, WLAN/Bluetooth speaker systems. With a huge 1,200 Watts of power and a frequency response of 16Hz (a frequency you feel rather than hear) right up to 25kHz, the Classic Phantom speaker delivers breathtaking performance.

Setting up is an absolute breeze and you can easily configure the speakers for stereo or single use in multiple zones.

The Devialet Phantom Range

The Classic model is currently complemented by the Silver, Gold and “Opéra de Paris” models. Boasting up to an enormous 4,500 Watts of power, these speakers are capable of sound levels which could potentially let you share your music with your whole street. Not that you would…or should…although it’s nice to know you could!

But the Devialet Phantom is not just about power. Sample the Gold model and you will discover that as well as a solid, extended and powerful low-end delivered by two aluminium bass drivers, you will hear subtlety, detail and nuance in the midrange and beautiful, crisp highs thanks to a titanium tweeter.

And the Gold Opéra de Paris is truely unique. Each speaker is hand finished with 22 karat gold-leaf side panels. This French company does not do things by halves!

As we mentioned these wireless speakers are also easy to set up and you can access multi-room features via the Spark app, which is available for both IOS and Android.

Whatever model Phantom you choose you will experience loud, accurate and undistorted sound. And with the sub-bass frequencies these speakers can produce, you need not worry about subwoofers.

Integrated AMPs

As well as the Phantom speakers you might also like to review the Expert Pro 220 and 440 integrated amplifiers here in our showroom. With up to 440 Watts per channel and virtually zero distortion they provide outstanding connectivity and sound quality.

Come to Sight & Sound showroom and see what makes this innovative French brand so special. Bring your favourite music and hear it as never before!