Over 30 years ago in the small Danish town of Skanderborg, a group of engineers who shared a passion for music came to the conclusion that even the best loudspeakers available at the time were incapable of playing music without colouration. Distortion, timing differences, phase shift, weak power handling and a slow impulse response were not only audible but also clearly measurable. They established a new company to change this: Dynaudio.

The Key to Dynaudio Performance

To this day, the heart of any Dynaudio loudspeaker is a Dynaudio drive unit. No company has perfected loudspeaker drivers to the same extent as Dynaudio. The Dynaudio R&D team relies on its own innovations for material selection, manufacturing processes, and component matching. Even the smallest details receive maximum attention.

Fastidious Design and Build

Dynaudio loudspeakers are a unique combination of innovative technology, state-of-the-art precision manufacturing, and true hand-craftsmanship, the latter being an innate Danish characteristic. Such passionate awareness and effort are unheard of with almost any other loudspeaker company. But for Dynaudio, it is a fundamental requirement in order to achieve the highest possible sound quality and aesthetics.

Renowned in the Home, Car and Studio

Today, music lovers not only listen to Dynaudio at home: In many ten thousands of studios worldwide, sound engineers rely on Dynaudio monitors, and the high-end sound systems in Volkswagen, Volvo and Bugatti cars are regarded as the very best in class.

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  • Dynaudio Contour 30i Walnut

    Dynaudio Contour 30i Floorstanding Speakers (Walnut) display clearance

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  • Speaker Stand 10

    Dynaudio Stand 10 Speaker Stands (Black)

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  • Speaker Stand 20

    Dynaudio Stand 20 Speaker Stands (Black)

  • Dynaudio Stand 20 White

    Dynaudio Stand 20 Speaker Stands (White)

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  • Dynaudio Emit 30 (Black)

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