Designed to be modern yet timeless, Master & Dynamic headphones, earphones and speakers utilize only the finest materials and are engineered to last. They represent the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and exceptional sound. Founder Jonathan Levine was first drawn to headphones after building a recording studio in his office to support his shared passion with his music-mad son, Robert, an emerging DJ/music producer. Jonathan, a serial consumer products entrepreneur, envisioned headphones with both premium sound quality and elevated design that his son could use. While touring colleges, they came across a pair of WWII aviator headphones in a museum and could not help but notice how elegant and timeless the headphones looked. At that moment, Jonathan decided he wanted to design and build headphones that in 50 years would also stand the test of time.
Meltdown most sets of headphones and you’ll be left with a lump of plastic. But, what if audio products were instead constructed from premium materials like fine leathers, stainless steel, concrete and other high-end finishes? Master & Dynamic bring to market an uncompromising approach to elevated design, materials, craftsmanship and performance.