M&K Sound is at the heart of many breathtaking film soundtracks and music recordings. For over 40 years the world’s most renowned artists, producers, directors and engineers have trusted M&K Sound loudspeakers to faithfully reproduce their creative work. Their professional monitors have been used in many music and film studios and helped win Oscars in sound-related categories.

With that unique heritage and reputation in the professional marketplace, consumers can also experience the same level of performance and dependability in their home.

The philosophy behind the company is to allow listeners to be transported to the original event and experience the sound as the performers and engineers intended, without distortion or colouration, whatever the nature of the sound. That philosophy resulted in a legion of dedicated fans, both professional users and home theatre enthusiasts.

Home Theatre the way it was intended.

As well as professional audio the company established an enviable reputation in the home theatre market and offers a full line of speakers which deliver the same level of performance the professionals have come to expect. Speaker types include in-wall, on-wall, bookshelf, freestanding, surround and subwoofer. All have been developed to deliver exceptional sonic quality in stereo and multi-channel environments.

M&K Speakers

If you don’t consider yourself an audiophile you may not have heard of M&K speakers. However, if you’ve ever seen a blockbuster movie such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings you would have heard the sound of MK, as they were used to master, mix and edit the sound.

We recommend you sample the S150 MKII. As an update to the original and highly-regarded S150, which was used as a reference monitor in many professional sound studios, the MKII features 500 Watt power handling and delivers exceptional clarity and detail.

If you’re in the market for surround speakers and you want the best, the S150T THX Ultra should be top of your list. Ask us for a demo.

M&K Subwoofers

In high-end stereo and home theatre, M&K subwoofers are legendary. In 1974 the company introduced the world to the first dual-drive subwoofer. Since then audiophiles around the world choose an M&K subwoofer for state-of-the-art stereo and surround audio systems.

To give you an idea of their capability we recommend you try the X10B Dual Powered Sub. It features dual 10″ active drives, an integrated 350 Watt RMS amp and can deliver clean, powerful and extended bass down to 20Hz. Try it with your favourite movie soundtrack…something like Iron Man would be a good choice…and in conjunction with MK Sound speakers, you will genuinely feel like you are part of the action.

Come and hear for yourself!

At Sight and Sound we are consistently impressed with the clarity, power and presence of M&K products and confidently rate them as among the finest loudspeakers available for our home theatre designs.

With a comprehensive range, all the way from best-in-class professional standard home cinema sets with THX Ultra2 licence, through to discrete architectural solutions and family-priced compact packages, visit us today and experience this legendary brand.