M&K Sound Speakers.

M&K Sound is at the heart of many breathtaking film soundtracks and music recordings. At Sight and Sound, we stock an incredible range, right here in Melbourne, Australia where you can try for yourself and buy in-store or online. For over 40 years the world’s most renowned artists, producers, directors and engineers have trusted M&K Sound loudspeakers to faithfully reproduce their creative work. Their professional monitors have been used in many music and film studios and helped win Oscars in sound-related categories.

With that unique heritage and reputation in the professional marketplace, consumers can also experience the same level of performance and dependability in their home.

The philosophy behind the company is to allow listeners to be transported to the original event and experience the sound as the performers and engineers intended, without distortion or colouration, whatever the nature of the sound. That philosophy resulted in a legion of dedicated fans, both professional users and home theatre enthusiasts.

Home Theatre the way it was intended.

As well as professional audio the company established an enviable reputation in the home theatre market and offers a full line of speakers which deliver the same level of performance the professionals have come to expect. Speaker types include in-wall, on-wall, bookshelf, freestanding, surround and subwoofer. All have been developed to deliver exceptional sonic quality in stereo and multi-channel environments.

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  • M&K Sound IW28S Custom Installation Subwoofer System

  • M&K Sound C15S Custom Installation Subwoofer System

  • M&K Sound IW150T Tripole In-Wall Speaker

  • M&K Sound K-Movie Pack 5.1

  • M&K Sound SUR55T

  • M&K Sound IC95 In-Ceiling Speakers

  • M&K Sound VA500 Subwoofer Amplifier

  • M&K Sound X12B Subwoofer

  • M&K Sound X10B Subwoofer

  • M&K Sound V12 Compact Subwoofer Black

  • M&K Sound V10 Compact Subwoofer Black

  • M&K Sound V8 Compact Subwoofer Black

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