As a premier American brand on the international loudspeaker stage, the Martin Logan guiding philosophy is “truth in sound”. From the outset, Martin Logan found the greatest “truth” in the electrostatic speaker form. There are enormous art and science required to master the electrostatic loudspeaker, and an undeniable mastery has been Martin Logan’s most significant contribution to the audio world.

Choosing their middle names to name the company, Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland founded “MartinLogan” in the late 70s. Sharing a passion for music, they were both drawn to electrostatic speaker technology, so research and development began. The first prototype was revealed in 1980 and the design concept shown at the 1982 Consumer Electronics Show.

Released in 1983 the first production model was called “Monolith” and was followed by the world’s first electrostatic home theatre and on-wall surround sound speakers.

Now manufactured in Toronto, the current range is expansive and includes both electrostatics and more conventional “folded motion” products, home theatre speakers, wireless systems, subwoofers, in-ceiling, in-wall speakers and outdoor speakers. We display a large array of models at Sight+Sound and they represent the heart and soul of some of our best-performing projects.

What is an electrostatic?

Although not invented by MartinLogan, the company developed and refined thin-film transducers to the point where all the performance obstacles were removed. Electrostatics are known for their detailed, accurate and uncoloured midrange and high-frequency response. When combined with conventional woofers hidden in the base of the units the engineers created a perfect transition across the entire audio spectrum.
Martin Logan Speakers
The loudspeaker range commences with solidly built and great sounding bookshelf models such as the Motion 15. Finished in a luxurious piano-gloss they feature 200 Watt power handling and a detailed soundstage with great dynamics.

The Motion 20 and 40-floor standing models are great for medium to large spaces and deliver big performance while remaining true to the ethos of “truth in sound”. Combined with the 50 XT Centre Channel speaker these models would be the perfect choice for home theatre surround sound systems.
Martin Logan Subwoofers
As the company’s first non-electrostatic products Martin Logan subwoofers have become highly coveted among audiophiles around the world. We recommend you check out the Dynamo 1100 Powered Subwoofer. With a built-in 650 Watt RMS amplifier and wired or wireless connection it offers powerful and accurate bass down to 22Hz.

Hear it for yourself…

If you’d like to experience the difference electrostatic and folded-motion loudspeaker technologies deliver call into our Melbourne showroom for a demonstration. We look forward to seeing you soon!