Sonus ƒaber has been designing and hand-building speakers in Italy since 1980. Imagined by renowned architects Studio Albenese, the company headquarters in Arcugnano aptly expresses the shape of a violin. In fact, the craftsmanship and expertise invested in every Sonus ƒaber speaker produces a finished product that may be likened more to a “musical instrument” than a conventional, HI-FI component.
Regardless of price-point, Sonus ƒaber speakers sing with an unforgettable voice that immerses the listener in a musical experience that is both authentic and natural.
And every single detail is so carefully planned that Sonus ƒaber speakers become timeless works of art.
Each Sonus ƒaber product, be it past, present or future is able to take the listener into a world of long-lasting tradition, Italian culture and craftsmanship.
The Sonus ƒaber brand tells a strong and consistent story. By means of outstanding sound and materials expertise every Sonus ƒaber
creation transmits the company’s values and beliefs.

Constantly strive to provide a compelling audition and re-create the power of a live music performance.

The “voice of Sonus ƒaber” marks the identity of the brand thanks to the use of natural materials and the final tuning process…by ear.

Unique, irreplaceable and priceless… Skilled craftsmen assemble Sonus ƒaber products following traditional processes. A committed team of enthusiasts work everyday to make the brand evolve.

The heritage of Sonus ƒaber lies in the Italian artisans’ know-how and in the values and processes unchanged over the years. Italian Violin making tradition and classic culture are parts of the Sonus ƒaber DNA. Sonus ƒaber creations are crafted in the same manner as “real” musical instruments.

Sonus ƒaber creations embody the highest standards of “Made in Italy” excellence. Every detail is important to enhance the daily experience of timeless quality.