Who doesn’t love to recline on a luxurious leather chair and enjoy a favourite movie?
A well designed home theatre seat will allow you to put your feet up without making you stare at the ceiling, plus give you proper support in all the right places.
RowOne is the seating brand of choice at Sight & Sound Galleria.
And RowOne home cinema seating is at the heart of many of our most appreciated installations.
RowOne is an exciting company of home entertainment seating and wood furnishings, which is rapidly becoming the brand of choice in the USA and beyond.
Robert Cribbs, President of Jasper Cabinet Company, a 100-year-old US wood furniture company, combined RowOne entertainment seating with Jasper Cabinet wood products (known then as Schaaf & Schnaus) in 2002 to form the RowOne Corporation we now know and love. Cribbs says that the secret to RowOne’s success is that the company focuses solely on home cinema and entertainment seating. The products are developed using innovative, technology-driven designs and offer the very best in luxury and comfort.
RowOne’s corporate office is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, whilst its imports are warehoused in Hickory, North Carolina.
Great design is at the heart of all RowOne’s products.
The products are developed using innovative, technology-driven designs and offer the very best in luxury and comfort.
RowOne builds a comprehensive range of home theatre chairs, bonded and 100% leathers, traditional rows, straight, curved, and “love-seats”. And as premium RowOne dealers, Sight & Sound is well-equipped to meet all manner of lay-outs and preferences. Models available include the Prestige, Carmel, Evolution and top of the range Ambassador, in a variety of colours and configurations.

The Prestige offers features such as power recline (allowing it to be placed near the wall), cupholders with LED lights and refrigeration, USB port and storage arms. The Ambassador offers LED strip lighting under the chairs, comfort coil springs with padded footrest and power headrests with “perfect view” design.
Custom Home Theatre Recliners
A unique feature of the range is the ability to customise your home theatre chairs to your specific needs. For small spaces or large, family room or a dedicated custom-designed home cinema, we can help you select and install all the furnishings you need for your unique home entertainment space.

Visit us at Sight and Sound Melbourne with your room dimensions and one of our experienced consultants will design your perfect RowOne seating configuration to match your space and decor.

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