At Sight and Sound, we regularly offer products at clearance prices. These products belong to 3 specific classes: bulk buy, end-of-line and display stock.

We’re always on the look out for the opportunity to buy in bulk from manufacturers and suppliers with the aim to pass these savings on quickly to our valued clients. Bulk buy products may range from a simple headphone all the way up to a high quality, HI-FI speaker system. An end-of-line purchase can also present an opportunity to secure a product that might otherwise be out of budget. Finally, our showroom is unique in it’s “visual” approach to home entertainment products.

Our in-store displays change consistently and display or “open-box” items make for excellent buying.

Warranty and Support
All of our clearance items are sold with full manufacturer’s warranty. And there are no second class sales at Sight and Sound Galleria. A genuine “bargain-basement” price doesn’t mean “bargain-basement” service. You can purchase with confidence assured you will enjoy the full extent of our premium after-sales support and assistance.