Modern televisions display wonderful, high resolution images.
But most don’t produce full-bodied and detailed sound.
And it’s disappointing (though not uncommon) to have a lovely, large screen TV expertly installed, only to find that it can’t be heard in your open-plan family room.
Enter the “soundbar”…
A soundbar is essentially a low-profile, on-wall or bench-top speaker.
Most soundbars connect to power (not requiring an external amplifier) and also to the television via an HDMI or optical cable.
The soundbar product category is crowded!
Big brands such as Sonos and Bose are major players.
Respected HI-FI companies have also joined the fray, sometimes upgrading an already awarded speaker with a HDMI input for TV audio.
A well-chosen soundbar will also double as a music source for most listeners, providing a minimalist solution to audio in modern architecture.


Sight & Sound displays a wide range of soundbar options to meet the full array of aesthetic and listening preferences. The Bose 700 series is a popular choice if a wide, cinematic sound-stage is paramount. And Sonos is an excellent consideration if you’re looking to install multiple soundbars and speakers across the home. The Bang & Olufsen Stage models will add visual currency and warm signature sound to any home. And for something different, look at the highly awarded Muso Gen 2 by British masters Naim Audio. It will deal with the TV audio, and at the same time offer the best “single-piece” music playback available.


While you still can’t beat a true, multi-speaker system, many soundbars include multiple speakers and processing to deliver a home theatre effect.
Some offer enhanced performance by the addition of optional subwoofers and rear surround speakers.
Speak with our experts for advice on the best solution for your room.