Denon has a long and proud history in audio, video and home theatre. Founded in Japan way back in 1910 the company set out manufacturing “gramophone players” and single-sided records. In 1951 it started selling Japan’s first LP records. Other significant milestones include the world’s first viable digital recorder, THX-EX (THX Extended) home theatre systems, the first Universal Blu-ray player and the first 13.2 channel audio/video receiver. It also pioneered the development of the moving coil cartridge and Compact Disc.

The name (Den-on) was derived from a merger of the Denki Onkyo Company of Japan with other companies in 1939.

With the growth of home cinema, Denon continued its technological leadership through the introduction of some of the first processors and receivers to incorporate Dolby Digital and DTS processing.

Today, this innovative company continues to design and manufacture a sophisticated line of specialty audio, home theatre and custom audio products including amplifiers, receivers, Blu-ray and CD players, turntables and headphones. The company has recently partnered to develop a proprietary multi-room streaming platform called HEOS, boasting impressive audio specifications, stability, easy navigation and high-resolution audio file compatibility. With HEOS speakers (one or more) and a free app, you can set up and control all your music wirelessly (or wired using Ethernet) from anywhere in your home, using any device.


These high-quality amps have long been a favourite with discerning audiophiles, delivering rich, musical sound from multiple sources. Integrated, 2 channel models with outputs up to 160W per channel are available for those who prefer to build their own hi-fi system with separate components.

For high quality, natural and detailed wireless sound around your home the HEOS Amp HS2 is capable of driving a wide range of speakers and gets the best performance from them. With an output of 100 watts per channel, this Class-D digital amp features low distortion, high current capability and a separate RCA subwoofer output. With an active subwoofer, you can enjoy greater dynamics and extended bass.


For those looking for the best in receivers, the AVR4500B with Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 is a smart choice. It offers 9 X 140 watts per channel, state-of-the-art AV processing and versatile remote control using various apps. Whether you are building a dedicated home theatre or setting up your family room for top home entertainment this model is highly recommended.


HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all of your music effortlessly, from anywhere in your home. The system offers a broad range of elegant stand-alone speakers, 2-in-1 products for TV/music and separate components for the hi-fi listener. The range clearly articulates the Denon commitment to richly textured, yet honest musical playback. Importantly, HEOS speakers across the home can link seamlessly with a Denon receiver in the Living Room…and even your classic hi-fi in the study!

Denon is an important brand for us at Sight+Sound. With a range of products for new-comers and cinema enthusiasts alike, we often look to Denon amplifiers and receivers as the backbone of high-quality performance in the modern living room or home theatre. Call into our Melbourne showroom for a demonstration today.

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